Retaining Walls

A retaining wall that is correctly engineered is essential. No matter what the purpose, it is vital that the structural integrity of a retaining wall is not compromised. This could be caused by inadequate planning or poor workmanship. We are leading providers of retaining walls and ensure that everything we build will endure and fulfil its purpose. We specialise in all types of retaining walls for commercial or industrial areas. These include parks, walkways, water embankments and domestic environments.

Why are we the Sunshine Coast’s best choice for retaining walls?

Our expertise and experience in building retaining walls for over 20 years provides you with the confidence to know that we will deliver. Our fully qualified team know the requirements of the Queensland building regulations. We will provide our clients with all the relevant information and advice. We also advise if building approval is required prior to initiating the work.

block retaining wall photo

Types of Retaining Walls

With so many different types of retaining walls available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here is some information that can assist you in deciding what option is right for you.

  • Gravity Wall: Using materials like stone or segmented concrete units, a Gravity Wall resists pressure from behind itself.
  • Cantilevered Wall: This wall contains an internal stem that may be either reinforced steel, cast in place concrete or mortared masonry that connects to a large structural footing.
  • Anchored Wall: The additional strength of an anchored wall comes from boring into the ground-pressurised concrete that expands into a bulb shape beneath the soil. Cables connect these anchors to the wall’s material structure above the surface.
  • Sheet Pile Wall: Made from steel, vinyl or wood planks that are driven into the ground at a measured level depending on the environment.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the specific criteria for your project.